Beyond its technological and organizational expertise unrivaled worldwide, H4D is intent on preserving its values, which are critical to ensuring the development of telemedicine as a distinct professional medical practice. As the driver of our activity, innovation guides our actions day in day out and always in a spirit of trust and professional rigor. Motivated by one single desire, namely that of connecting patient and physician in overcoming geographic and social barriers, H4D has reinvented access to care in pursuit of universal health care available to all.


  • Our dedication to professionalism is apparent with such extreme harmony exercised between science and mankind, between quality and technology, and between health and the latest breakthroughs.
  • This high level of professionalism is being set by us in order to better serve our clients, users and the medical community: it is inherent to our mission, which necessitates all the assurances in terms of quality, reliability and competence.


  • The H4D team strives to ensure that accessing health care can overcome cultural, social and linguistic barriers.
  • Thanks to the variety of its measurement instruments and to the connection taking place during a remote consultation, the Consult Station bridges geographic distances in re-appropriating a confidential space and providing a virtual proximity conducive for sharing and listening.


  • Maximize the potential of new technologies to better the human condition: innovation guides our actions day in day out.
  • This pioneering spirit infuses the H4D team, which with ten years of research and development under its belt is reinventing access to care via innovative wellness pathways to better serve users, patients and doctors alike.


  • A feeling of trust permeates all actions undertaken by H4D.
  • This trust is essential in our relations with physicians and patients, on behalf of whom we are constantly striving. This level of trust requires us to be exemplary, and we also apply this obligation to our dealings with clients, whom we consider to be partners.


  • The desire to fulfill the expectations inherent in the medical practice motivates us in all the actions we undertake.
  • The desire to progress and continually achieve more, while offering our target population access to universal health care, informs our choices and decisions.

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