Organizational expertise

Drawing on over 10 years’ experience in implementing medical projects, H4D has developed a unique and comprehensive solution designed to meet new challenges in the health care field.

The health care pathways developed by H4D based on Consult Station  involve multiple actors: medical, paramedical, social, institutional, public and private. H4D oversees the management, coordination and supervisory functions of the various environments.

A thorough accompaniment service


Beyond quick, simple and confidential medical access, H4D plays a vital role in accompanying companies on missions to prevent employee exposure to health-related risks.  Awareness-building efforts aimed at various topics (stress management, memory training, etc.), along with a full program to help personnel preserve their health status, are carried out by H4D in an entertaining format.

Lower rates of absenteeism and working while sick among the workforce
Prevention of the risks of contagion and loss of performance
Showcasing of the employer’s brand and the company’s social responsibility

Within regional administrations

H4D installs its solutions within public agencies in acknowledging the local context and adapting solutions to people’s actual needs, by working closely with health professionals at all times.

Reduction in travel-related health costs
Protection of the medical and social ties
Prevention of a decline in the state of health should adequate care have been delayed or abandoned altogether

In major hospitals

A Consult Station installed in departments with intense workloads or in annex centers provides a 42% time savings for both health professionals and patients.

Easing pressure on emergency services when the underlying health concern does not require emergency care
Facilitating and accelerating patient care
Streamlining care provision

Comprehensive project monitoring

  • Teleconsul-tation
  • Check-up
Occupancy rate
Rate of satisfaction
Number of sessions

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