The Consult Station


Measurement instruments

A patented and certified Class II Medical Device, the Consult Station is a unique proprietary technology that allows a comprehensive care.

The teleconsultation The teleconsultation

If the general practitioner is not available, the Consult Station is a good way to consult a physician in the same conditions than a visit in a traditional physician’s office.

As in a classic office, the physician receives you, listens to you and accompanies you to take your measurements. At the end of the consultation, the physician can, in case of need, make a prescription, directly printed in the booth.

Le bilan de santéThe self-performed health check

The Consult Station is also used to perform health-checks in an autonomous way.

The user sits in the booth and follows instructions displayed on the screen : a highly intuitive video tutorial guides and assists him in measuring his vital signs or carrying out tests.

The health check is printed in the booth in duplicate. The patient can, if he wants, conveys it to his general practitioner.

All measurement readings are kept strictly confidential. Only the off-site doctor and primary care physician are granted access.

Measurement instruments

A patented and certified Class II Medical Device (meeting the requirements of European Directive 93/42/EEC), the Consult Station is H4D’s telemedicine booth, combining professional measurement instruments, screens and a communications system.

Blood pressure meter

This device serves to determine blood pressure in the arteries. Blood pressure is essential to supplying oxygen and nutriments to the body organs.

Scale and height gauge

These two well-known instruments are used to measure the patient’s weight and height, in an initial step to calculating his/her Body Mass Index (BMI).


This instrument is used to measure our body temperature. It determines the presence or absence of fever, as well as its level of severity.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

This test is conducted in as part of the panoply of screenings or diagnostic reviews for various cardiac pathologies. The electrodes record the heart’s electrical activity.


This device measures both the quantity of oxygen circulating in the arteries and the heart rate.

Tonal audiogram

This auditory test allows determining whether the patient has undergone hearing loss and, if so, qualifying the degree of severity.


Such an instrument is capable of examining the patient’s skin for the purpose of yielding an accurate diagnosis during, for example, skin cancer screenings.


This instrument is employed to examine the outer ear canal as well as the eardrum membrane. The base of the throat can also be examined. The examination performed is able to diagnose an ear infection or strep throat, for example.


Thanks to the stethoscope, a physician can listen to all the sounds emanating from the human body: heart, lungs, stomach, as well as blood vessels.

Eyesight testing
  • Visual acuity: This test leads to evaluating the capacity of the eye to distinguish details of an object placed in front of the subject at a specified distance.
  • Phoria test: This test is carried out with a dedicated pair of glasses so as to measure ocular convergence.
  • Color test: This test exposes colors that are hard to perceive, in order to identify those suffering from color blindness.
  • Amsler’s Grid: This device screens for macular degeneration of the eye.

A technology found nowhere else

Serving patients and doctors alike…

Stored with a certified data host, all records of a doctor’s visit or physical exam are kept strictly confidential. Only the patient is granted access; transmission to the primary care physician is contingent on the patient’s consent.

Rated a Class IIa medical facility, the Consult Station guarantees that the measurements taken are reliable.

Following a session at the Consult Station, the patient can access his/her entire health record on the website

Only accessible with a personalized login and password, this website is completely secure.

A dedicated platform allows the patient to make appointments quickly and simply.

A confirmation message and reminder message are personally sent to the patient.


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