Prevention programs

In line with the collective actions coordinated by occupational medicine (such as changes to the work environment to prevent musculoskeletal disorders or psycho-social risks), H4D offers companies specific prevention programs related to cardiovascular risks. These programs focus on addictive behaviors, nutrition, resumption of physical activity and sleep.

They are conducted primarily in companies that prefer a targeted program, combining a group approach with individualized assistance.

All programs allow any interested employee to take part actively, in accordance with the patient’s course of treatment. The prevention effort is tested scientifically by H4D’s medical staff and experts in the specific topic.

For a given topic, the prevention program includes:

  • an introductory meeting with an expert
  • self-measurement by the employee in the Consult Station
  • an initial teleconsultation in the booth so that the employee can, in complete confidentiality, take stock of his or her situation with a doctor. Besides enabling the detection or suspicion of any chronic, asymptomatic illness that might entail referral to a specialist who works with the treating physician, this teleconsultation gives the patient the benefit of personalized advice based on the state of his or her health.
  • a series of advice and materials made available to the employees who have chosen to follow the program and
  • a second teleconsultation with the patient, confidential as always, for the purpose of evaluating the impact of the program. For example, the patient did follow the doctor’s recommendations, with a measurable decrease in his risk factors. Or else the patient may need further help, and the online physician may suggest a new approach.

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