Occupational health

Besides being a legal requirement, preserving the health of employees is a growing concern for businesses.

And yet at the close of 2017, the 4,858 practitioners of occupational medicine in France were 30% fewer than ten years before. Given that decline, innovation is needed to make up for lost medical time. Telemedicine is opening up new possibilities.

Here at H4D we create customized approaches using teams specially focused on occupational health, the better to keep track of the employees covered.

Occupational health physicians can use our online medical booth, a Class IIa certified medical device, in three different ways: for teleconsultation, for simple self-checkups, and for video conferencing. They can monitor employees for routine physicals, special exams required for certain occupations or return-to-work clearances; reduce their travel time, and follow a greater number of employees without affecting their quality of care.

Teleconsultation enables uniformity of processes and completeness of data, which are transferred directly into the occupational health software.

Occupational health nurses can use this booth to offer employees self-checkups before an occupational health interview or as part of prevention programs. With medical time saved, nurses can have much higher quality discussions with each employee, based on the measurements taken. This facilitates their role as advisors and guides in conjunction with the occupational health doctor.

To help employers meet all legal requirements for protecting the health and safety of their workers, H4D also offers turnkey on-site nursing services, with a nurse on duty. H4D takes care of recruiting, managing and upgrading the skills of nursing staff, provides medical and operational co-ordination and performs regular oversight.

To make the project as effective as possible, H4D works with the company on every aspect:

  • Management and implementation of the occupational health project, from specifications to startup.
  • Training of the healthcare professionals in the practice of telemedicine.
  • Assistance with developments in occupational health: specific protocols, prevention programs and so forth.