Medical care

With its Medical Care service, H4D is playing a pioneering role in improving people’s health, as individuals and as employees, by giving them access to genuine medical care remotely, from where they live or work.


Its teleconsultation booth, called the Consult Station, enables you converse in total privacy with an online physician and to have a medical checkup very much as you would in a doctor’s office.

In France and beyond, scores of Consult Stations have already been installed in companies of every size and in every line of business, and very soon more will be placed in government offices and public institutions at the national, regional and local level.

H4D provides dedicated support for each new project as a matter of course, whatever its nature, size or location. This means:

  • Defining, refining and managing the healthcare project in interaction with all the persons involved
  • Initial and ongoing training in telemedicine for the online doctors
  • Technical installation of the Consult Station and its software suite
  • Communicating with all stakeholders
  • Coordinating the scheduling of online appointments and
  • Opening a secure access for every patient to his or her health data.

The studies H4D has conducted with companies using this service in France demonstrate the value of this new way to access healthcare:

  • 99% of employees were satisfied with their remote consultation using the Consult Station
  • 98% of cases comprehensively treated as reported by the online doctors
  • 54% of the employees would not have consulted a healthcare professional or would have self-medicated without this service.